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    2. Worksheets

    3. Introduction to START With ONE

    1. Video Teaching: Where You Are and How You Got Here

    2. Action Step

    3. Integrated Life Circle Worksheet

    1. Video Teaching: Goals and “START With ONE” 

    2. Action Step

    3. Goals Worksheet

    1. Video Teaching: Your Get in G.E.A.R. Toolset  

    2. Action Step

    3. Get in G.E.A.R. Worksheet

    1. Video Teaching: Thoughts to Heal 

    2. Action Step

    1. Video Teaching: Food to Heal 

    2. Action Step

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Kathleen Klug

Kathleen Klug is a forty-year veteran in the health and wellness field who currently works as a health educator for Kaiser Permanente, as well as a private health coach. She holds a degree in addiction studies and completed training for her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Witnessing the decline in Americans’ health, the popularity and failures of fad diets, and the toll that poor health takes on one’s body, mind, and spirit, Kathleen felt called to use her education and experience to bring hope to those ready for real change. With the ingredients of identifying goals and behaviors to facilitate better health, along with improving thoughts, discovering and connecting to our greater purpose, and embracing a big cover of grace, Kathleen’s START With ONE program empowers people to holistically upgrade their health—body, mind, and spirit—one step at a time. Kathleen lives in Folsom, California, with her husband of thirty years, Lance. They have two children.